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1 January, 2000

Well here I go! I am about 33,000 feet somewhere along the coast of South America. What a way to start the new millennium!! I heard Tom Brokaw say last night that the newest, most important word for Webster Dictionary 100 years ago was "telephone." "Internet" is the biggest word addition for our time. It really struck me-what a difference a 100 years can make!!! What a technological leap. It is largely due to this technology that teachers like myself can be a part of this wonderful experience--giving us a way to share it with you! It helps bring the world to classrooms and living rooms.

It was harder to leave my family than I thought it would be. Maybe because this has been a tumultuous year for me. Not only was I preparing and training to go to the Antarctic, but I lost my mother 6 months ago. She was my biggest supporter and, like me, she had a great sense of adventure. I know she would be very proud of me and would encourage me to relish this wonderful opportunity and experience.

So far, everything has gone off without a hitch. This is my first international flight and it is certainly different from flying Southwest! "Mickey Blue Eyes" is playing on the movie screen. I still can't believe I am actually going to the coldest, most remote, unique environment on the globe. I am truly honored to among so few who have explored and studied this vast continent. I told my students that it is like going to the moon! Let's face it, most people don't get the opportunity to go to Antarctica. I will be arriving in Santiago, Chile in about 5 hours. I am going to try and get some shut eye before we land.

More later...


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