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7 January, 2000

Well we finally made it to Palmer Station, Antarctica. The station population, all 40 of them, gathered at the dock to greet the ship. It reminds me of when families and friends gather on the front porch to say hello or goodbye. Already there is a real sense of community here. Everyone is glad to see everyone! Kind of funny.

The Bob Farrell, the station manager came aboard the ship for a formal welcome. Also aboard were Ken Doggett and ROb Edwards. They are science lab managers at Palmer. Ken will leave station at the end of January and Rob will stay on. I was impressed on their willingness to make the transition into Palmer comfortable and enjoying.

We will spend the night on the ship tonight and then move over in the morning. I don't know how I am going to possible sleep without the constant rocking motion of the ship. Last night was so bad that I had to hang on to my mattress with my fingernails to keep from sliding off!!!!!!

I wanted to tell you about the sail into Palmer. The water was like glass. I spent quite a bit of time on the bridge. There is a good view from there. The captain pointed out a pod of chin straps penquins swimming by. We also saw a killer whale! What a treat. The icebergs and mountainscapes were absolutely breathtaking! I am going to love it here! There are lots of different types of ice that form on the ocean. One type is called pancake ice...it looks just like a pancake. I can't wait to see what awaits me! I am so excited to be on land again!

More later!


This glacier is in Palmer's backyard. You can hear it calving (chunks breaking off). It makes a thunderous roar, crack, boom and SPLASH!

Palmer Station welcomes us in style.

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