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8 January, 2000

Hello everyone!

This has been a really busy day! I got so worked up last night that I could not sleep. This morning included an orientation to Palmer Station. What you can do, what you can't. One of the things everyone at Palmer parcticipates in every Saturday is "House Mouse." This is a quaint little term that means clean. There are no janitors at Palmer so everyone, I mean everyone, is assigned a cleaning detail. You find yourself scrubbing the place down next to scientists, volunteers, VIP's, etc. My house mouse chore was kitchen detail. Not too bad. There are some pretty neat little gadgets in their kitchen. I had to clean the milk box (fridge), clean out the juicer machine (what a chore that was!), and then I peeled garlic for an hour! Fun! Really it wasn't bad at all. You meet some interesting people that way.

They unloaded our bags and equipment from the ship today.....with a crane! There was a lazy elephant seal a few yards away sunning on the rocks. I snapped his picture just as he spotted me. Yikes! I was out-a-there! He would surely win if he choose to pursue me across the sharp rocks.

After lunch, by the way, the food here is wonderful, I got a tour of the station. It is fairly small actually. Interestingly enough, there is a hot tub, yes folks, I said hot tub outside with a magnificent glacier as a back drop. Folks say it is very popular.

I got set up in my room. It is in the GWR building. That stands for garage, warehouse, and recreation. It is very simple, yet clean. There is one bathroom for all the ladies to share and one for the men.

We are having a pizza party at 6:00. This is the last hurray for those leaving on the ship. I think these folks use any little excuse to socialize. They are a very nice eccletic group of people. I am looking forward to working with them.

Oh by the way, if you have been emailing me at mwallace@socorro.k12.tx.us, I have not been able to access it until now. I missed satellite window for today but I will check tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you.

Until later.....


Local elephant seal is not bothered by all the activity.

Here I am eagerly performing my "house mouse" duties; cleaning out the milk box!

Unloading baggage and equipment from the L.M. Gould.

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