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16 January, 2003

Visitors to Bull Pass

Today we hosted members of Congress and representatives of the National Science Foundation at our base camp. These visitors are in Antarctica for a week to see what type of science is being done and to get a first hand look at the infrastructure of the US facilities. Yesterday they visited the South Pole Station and today were visiting several field camps in the McMurdo Dry Valleys including ours.

Bruce gave the visitors a thorough overview of the geology of the region and of the projects we're doing while we're here. The visitors also were able to see our living conditions and to talk to each of us about our parcticular areas of expertise.

I was especially happy to discuss the TEA program and how it dovetails into the science and math program we have at Yarmouth High School.

1. Visitors arrive by helicopter to our Bull Pass base camp

2. Bruce explains the geology of the region to the Congressional representatives

3. Bruce discusses the science objectives of our project

4. Me with Dr. Rita Colwell, Director of the National Science Foundation

5. Dr. Colwell with Karina

6. Sarah and Taber with Representative Nick Smith of Michigan

7. Rep. Smith with a flag I brought down of the Red Wings

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