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7 January, 2003


We arrived by helicopter in three separate flights. Bruce, Sarah, and myself plus about 1000 pounds of cargo were on the first flight. We got our required radio checks with McMurdo Station and then the helo left. Dead silence except for a little wind with breathtaking scenery all around Three hours later came Karina, Taber, and Amanda plus another 1000 pounds of cargo then finally a shipment of just cargo, the remaining 2000 pounds. The cargo was prioritized for movement with the radios and tents coming first plus a couple days worth of food. The later shipments were more food (about 2000 pounds worth), hiking and rock sampling equipment, personal gear, etc. We set up the entire camp which will be our base of operations for the remainder of the month. We have three tents of various sizes for living in. Bruce has a Scott tent, Taber & I are sharing an 8 foot by 16 foot Endurance tent and Amanda, Sarah, and Karina are sharing the 8 foot by 21 foot Endurance tent. The tents are very nice. You can easily walk around in the largest one and there is room for a table and cooking facilities. Another tent houses the bathroom.

The weather today is in the 30s with light wind and sunny - so ideal for setting up camp. Tomorrow we will go on a familiarization hike of the western side of Bull Pass.

1. Sarah and I on the helo enroute to Bull Pass

2. A US Coast Guard icebreaker in McMurdo Sound on it's way to the station

3. Bruce setting up the Scott tent

4. Sarah setting up one of the Endurance tents that will be used for the ladies

5. Taber arrives on the second helo. Welcome to Bull Pass!

6. Our first day in Bull Pass (Left to Right: Taber Hersum, Sarah Fowler, Bruce Marsh, Karina Zavala, Mike Weiss, Amanda Charrier)

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