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26 December, 2002

Boxing Day

In many countries other than the United States the day after Christmas is traditionally know as "Boxing Day." Well today we're dealing with boxes in that we are packaging up much of the equipment for the field into the large tri-walled boxes that will be air-lifted to the field site in a little over a week. This nearly completes our equipment packing. There are items that are more sensitive that won't be placed in the boxes such as the radios (two HF and two VHF radios).

1. Sarah sets up one of the two High Frequency (HF) radios we will be taking with us to the field, in order to conduct a radio check. Each morning we will need to check in with McMurdo Station so they know we are safe and to also pass any other information to them.

2. Karina stands on top of one of the tri-walled boxes before metal banding is used to close it. We will use a couple of boxes to transport some of our equipment to the field.

3. Karina parcticipates in an indoor soccer tournament.

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