23 November, 1996

We were outfitted for the ice today at the Antarctic Clothing Distribution center. There seemed to be lots of clothing but i am

sure we will put it all to good use. I was worried about excess weight with all the camera gear, but now am concerned that i didn't leave enough out to make it through delays here. We have done much walking around Christchurch. Visited the botanical gardens and did sightseeing around town. We also toured the International Antarctic Center, which had some great exhibits and films. We all seemed very motivated to go after viewing these films. There are two university researchers in our group: Tom Stephen who will install the interferometer at the McMurdo, Arrival Heights site, and John Olson who will go with me to the pole to do maintenance on an emission interferometer at the South Pole. There is also a senior

undergraduate from the Univ. of Denver, Shaima Naisuri who will be assiting Tom at Arrival Heights.

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