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15 July, 2001

Horizon Lines

Today I began my journey to the Arctic. I traveled from the known of home towards the horizon line ahead. Where I am I going? What will it be like? Will the weather be nice or dismal? Will the food be great or just sustenance? How will the people be? What science will I learn?

Other than the pictures from the web and what I have heard from others, I know little about the place. And yet, I am moving forward steadily towards the horizon line. I feel like I am on some sort of slow moving conveyor belt.

Life is full of horizons. I have always been drawn to them. When I run or bike in the open spaces I am always led to want to get to the top of the hill, to see what is hidden in the valley below. Once there, I can see the next horizon line and it draws me further, up again I go for the next view and challenge. So has this program been like running in the rolling hills. Each phase has a new horizon line to challenge me. Tomorrow I travel to Greenland, over the horizon line and into the unknown.

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