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29 July, 2001


Sunday is a day for relaxing at Summit camp. But it’s all relative... since most days here everyone works at least 12 hours, a day of relaxing means a lighter schedule for most, but not a full day off. Everyone worked today in some form or another. The carpentry projects went on, the science experiments continued as usual, meals were made, the water melted for cooking and cleaning.

Why you might ask? The reason is the short work season. The winter over crew arrives this Wednesday. So, in addition to the usual tasks, everyone that has been here for the summer season, which started in May, is now trying to wrap up their work and prepare to shut the camp down. These next few weeks will be interesting ones. There is much that needs to be completed in order to prepare for winter. Food supplies must be restocked to last 8 months. Fuel must be topped off to run the generators and heaters. Each area of the camp is counting supplies, making lists and making sure that the next few flights that arrive at Summit have all the needed goods and supplies.

The scientists that are here now are working feverishly to complete their experiments and prepare the winter over technicians to carry on the year round tasks.

But what about the relaxing? Well, here’s a sampler of how people took the day off today. I continued to catch-up melting and analyzing snow samples. We are a few days behind because earlier this week our detection instrument was having many difficulties. But, I did make time for a wonderful ski on the air strip. Others slept in late, read magazines, watched movies all day, knitted sweaters, did laundry, cooked brunch and spent more time in the common areas visiting.

Right now, as I write we are having a beautiful winter snowfall. The flakes are gently cruising to the ground just like in the winter storybooks. I am hoping to catch a few of these for analysis tomorrow. The other scientists seem to have nicknamed me “the snow gnome”. I do feel like all I do is collect snow. I never knew there were this many ways to get excited about snow!

Mark knitting. Mark also drives the tractor and helps with the construction.

Reading after lunch in the big house common area.

Meg is checking her email. Email is a popular pastime here, thanks to the fast wireless internet connection installed this year.

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