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1 August, 2001


6 am, the sun hit my tent. I couldn't sleep. So much to do today, so many things happening. The day dawned bright, clear and cold. (-19 C or -2 F). There was rime to be collected on every tent pole, I knew the sublimation experiment would be a success and there would be new arrivals at 10. I grabbed my clothes and headed out to the science trench area to get measurements and snow samples before the sun changed the hoar frost on the snow.

At 8, knowing that the runway would be used by planes later in the day, I decided to go for an early ski. The snow was sparkling in the early morning sunlight. Rod had groomed the skiway perfectly for the planes, which meant the skiing was superb. (days like today think I've gone to a private ski resort)

By 9, I had the machines running to analyse my samples and the reagents made. While everything warmed up, I wandered over to the big house for some coffee and cereal. The air of excitement was everywhere. The radio crackled, the planes were in the air. Elsie baked fresh cookies, lunch was already on the stove. The camp was poised and ready.

At 10, the radios were everywhere, the planes were 20 miles away. People began moving to their positions. Shelly to the radios, Meg to a snowmobile. Cargo was out at the runway. Even the science stopped as everyone grabbed their cameras.

The plane landed about 10:30. People and cargo emerged. Everyone gathered for lunch in the big house. It is wonderful to have fresh faces and new supplies. I hadn't anticipated being this excited to see new faces. But it sure has been a fun day, here it is in pictures.

Waiting for the plane to arrive, everything is packed and ready. This is the first of two planes scheduled in for today. The first will bring passengers, the second cargo. It is a beautiful and sunny day. The moment everyone has been waiting for. The new passengers include the winter over staff and scientists. Old friends are re-uniting.It is an electric day!

Waiting with the cargo.

Off loading the passengers through the cargo door. It is white and bright when you step off the plane very disorienting.

With the high altitude, it is best not to over exert yourself. Snowmobiles carry the passengers and gear to the main house.

Kathy is leaving today. She has been the assistant camp manager. Kathy can do anything; from swing a hammer with Jordan and Jay, to office and radio work. She is a very talented and hardworking woman. She will be missed. She is going travelling for a few weeks and we'll see her again off the ice in Kangerlussag at the end of the summer.

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