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1 November, 2002


My adrenaline was running high after the Antarctic Clothing experience of yesterday. I returned from the CDC and carefully checked my personal gear bag for the twenty fifth time. Once I was sure I had everything, I zipped it shut. I carefully laid out my clothes for the morning, filled my water bottle and went to bed.

I slept fitfully; worried I would not awake in time to make the shuttle at 5 am. I awoke every hour to check the clock, finally falling into a deep sleep at 3:30 am. At 4, a knock came on my door. I bolted up from bed. Had I missed the alarm? Was I late? I pulled open the door. In the dim light of the hallway I saw our hostess, Sandy. "Your flight is delayed 24 hours," She whispered. I said " what?" she quieted me and said, "you can go back to bed, your flight has been delayed" "Bummer", I muttered as I closed the door and returned to sleep.

Several hours later at breakfast the veterans seemed amused at my surprise and began telling stories of very long waits for the weather to clear. I hope we don't have to wait too much longer for our trip to the ice, I thought to myself. But quickly the conversation turned to how we would spend our bonus day in New Zealand. A plan to head out to the coast was hatched. Thanks to the suggestion of our hostess, several of us packed up our daypacks and caught a bus for the coast. A glorious hike through incredible countryside awaited. Today was easily the most beautiful we have had yet as we hiked through fields and flowers, watched the surfers below the cliffs on the waves.

I hope a weather window opens up and we are able to travel tomorrow, but if not, I am sure some other fascinating event will unveil itself.


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