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30 November, 2002

Notes on daily life by Dan

Latitude: 80 degrees South

Longitude: 120 degrees West

Time of Observations: 11 PM local time

Temperature: -15/-5F

Wind speed: 10 knots

Wind Chill: -24 / -11

Wind direction: North

Meters of ice collected: 15m

Other data from this site: GPS grid, shallow and deep radar profiles.

Today we awoke to beautiful blue skies and a lovely fresh breakfast thanks to Andrea. It is hard to believe that we are still at Byrd, but it does have its good points. Byrd Camp has its own groomed ski way so that the LC-130 aircraft from McMurdo can deliver our precious cargo; it also has a Jamesway shelter that is constantly warm.

After breakfast the whole team got to work on their respective science disciplines. Although we are stuck at Byrd for a few days, we can't just sit around getting bored; we all have plenty of work to keep us busy. Brian and Steve conducted radar survey experiments on the ski way. Betsy and Markus prepared the atmospheric sampling tent for action and also conducted a helium balloon launch into the stratosphere. Eric, Paul, Mark, Susan, and I drilled 15 meters of ice core with the 2-inch drill. Blue and Jim conducted shallow radar surveys. Lynn and Karl used the Caterpillar tractors to move heavy equipment around camp and plow away the large snowdrifts left by the storm. I think that perhaps the most important job completed today was that of Andrea and Gordon - they spent the whole afternoon preparing a brilliant Thanksgiving feast for us all.

Although we are celebrating Thanksgiving a few days late, the spirit of the celebration is still with us. We ate heartily and made a toast to being safe and warm back at Byrd. At the moment I am sitting in the Jamesway, sipping red wine and watching a DVD movie on Eric's laptop. Antarctica certainly has its moments, both good and otherwise

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