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Project Overview

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The ARMADA Project, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides K-12 teachers an opportunity to actively participate in ocean, polar, and environmental science research and peer mentoring. Master Teachers develop ways to bring the fruits of their research experiences, including scientific data, methodologies, and technology into their classrooms. They share their experience by mentoring new teachers in their school district and by presenting their results at National Science Teachers Association National Conventions.

Prior to embarking on their research project, ARMADA Master Teachers participate in an intense training workshop that encompasses standards-based pedagogies, mentoring and coaching strategies, and investigations of ocean science content and resources.

Research Experiences

ARMADA Master Teachers are paired with leading scientists, and participate in lab, field, or shipboard research with all expenses paid. Past experiences include taking part in the largest North Pacific humpback whale study in the waters off the coast of Alaska, investigating the impacts of global change in the Arctic and Antarctic, monitoring and assessing tidal creeks in South Carolina, studying the impact of human activity on dusky dolphins in New Zealand, exploring the seafloor off the coast of Sumatra to better understand the forces that lead to the 2004 Asian tsunami, water circulation studies in the Norwegian Sea, and a variety of ecosystem monitoring projects in the Bay of Fundy, Narragansett Bay, Gulf of Maine, Stellwagen Bank, Western Shelf of Florida, Sargasso Sea, Bahamas, Alaska, and Block Island Sound.

Mentoring Experiences

ARMADA Master Teachers serve as mentors to colleagues in their home school district who are new to teaching science. During the two academic years following their research experience, ARMADA Master Teachers and Mentees work together to integrate the research experience into the classroom and identify related standards-based resources and curricula.


Teachers, scientists and students all benefit from participation in the ARMADA Project.

  • Teachers
    • Participate in hands-on ocean, polar, and environmental science research
    • Collect data that can be brought into the classroom
    • Receive stipends for training workshop, research experience, and mentoring
    • Earn graduate science credits
    • Attend two NSTA National Conventions

  • Scientists
    • Receive enthusiastic research assistance
    • Are connected to a wider audience
    • Have access to a well-designed outreach program for achieving broader impacts of their research activities

  • Students
    • Gain renewed teachers that are re-inspired to teach science
    • Are educated by teachers with access to current science
    • Experience working with real-time data
    • See the scientific enterprise as a viable career choice

This project has concluded its funding cycle. This website has been archived, and is no longer being updated.