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ARMADA Master Teachers maintain a journal during their research experience. Read the journals by clicking on the teacher's name.

  • Beth Brocato- Autumn Bottom Trawl Survey
  • Jennifer Duncan- Long-term Observations in the Northern Gulf of Alaska: Ecosystem Response to Climate Change
  • Jennifer Emblidge- Maine Lobster Enhancement Project Aboard Small Research and Commercial Lobster Boats
  • Teresa Gable- Long-term Monitoring for Assessment of Salt Marsh Restoration Projects
  • Jason Pavlich- Estimation of Primary Productivity and Particle Export Rates as a Function of Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Bering Sea
  • Jonathan Pazol- Law of the Sea Mapping of the Chukchi Sea
  • Daphne Rawlinson- Sound Localization in Fishes
  • Aundrea Rue- Hydrographic Survey Aboard the NOAA Ship RAINIER
  • Jacqui Smoler- Heron Island Research Station, Great Barrier Reef with Daily Sampling From Small Boats
  • David Wehunt- Atlantic Northeast Shelf Ecosystem Monitoring Project

  • Roy Arezzo- Impact of Climate Change on Antarctic Shelf Ecosystems
  • Tom Bogard- Galapagos Penguin and Flightless Cormorant Survey of the Galapagos Island
  • Maria Gomez- Sound Localization in Fishes
  • Stephen Howard- Law of Sea Mapping of the Chukchi Sea
  • Heather Judkins- ORCAWALE- ORegon, CAlifornia, WAshington Line-Transect and Ecosystem-Marine Mammal Survey
  • John Karavias- Biogeochemical Study of the Bering Sea
  • Jeff Lawrence- Ecological Study on the Patagonian Shelf
  • Cheryl Manning- Geologic Controls of Microbial Distribution in Deepsea Sediments
  • Megan O'Neill- Thermal Tolerance of Antarctic Fishes
  • Zamaria Rocio- Marine Biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Karen Rudio- Long-term Observations in the Northern Gulf of Alaska: Ecosystem Response to Climate Variability
  • Nancy Sills- Assessment of Freshwater Resources Offshore New England and Marine Mammal Observing

  • Kathy Couchon- AUV Engineering Trial in Fram Straight in Support of the Gakkel Ridge Expedition
  • Sam Fuerst- Seafloor Mapping in Support of the Law of the Sea
  • Mark Goldner- Dynamics and Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in Drake Passage
  • Morgan Hardwick-Witman- Linkages between larvae & recruitment of coral reef fishes along the Florida Keys Shelf
  • Mark Harris- Antarctic Crabeater Seal and Icefish Studies
  • Beth Jewell- Ecology of Upwelling in the Galápagos Marine Reserve
  • Heather Judkins- Equatorial Pacific Dolphin Abundance Study
  • Christine Kirch- Life in the Extreme Environment of Mohn's Ridge
  • Louise McMinn- St. Elias Erosion/Tectonics Project (STEEP)
  • Janet Miele- Narragansett Bay Ecosystem Productivity & Nutrient Study
  • Caitlin Munroe- Labrador & Nunavut Ocean Science && ActicNet/IPY Nunavut Health Survey Program
  • Megan O'Neill- The development of an Arctic ice stream-dominated sedimentary system, the southern Svalbard Continental Margin (SVAIS)
  • Jason Pavlich- Investigation of Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCHs) in abiotic and biotic systems of the Circumpolar Flaw Lead
  • Kimberly Pratt- Atlantic Northeast Shelf Ecosystem Monitoring Project

  • Kate Baugher- Long-term measurement of physical, chemical, and biological properties in the South Florida coastal ecosystem
  • Kirk Beckendorf- Environmental variability, bowhead whale distribution and Inupiat subsistence whaling
  • Tamara Browning- Late summer ecosystems monitoring survey
  • Joe Catron- Zooplankton biodiversity in tropical & subtropical Atlantic Ocean waters
  • Peggy Deichestetter- Arctic Kelp Study
  • Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly- Investigating of the coupling between atmospheric and oceanic pollutants
  • Bill Griffith- Seafloor sedimentary habitats and shallow subseafloor microbial communities of the South Pacific Gyre
  • Mark Harris- Stenella Abundance Research Project (STAR)
  • Anna Hilton- Monitoring, assessment, and prediction of tidal creeks in the Southeast
  • Mike Lampert- Infrasound (low-frequency atmospheric acoustic) monitoring
  • Cyndy Martin- Stenella Abundance Research Project (STAR)
  • Elaine Paulishak- Alaska Hydrographic Surveys
  • Miriam Sutton- Study of the seafloor and shallow subseafloor off the Labrador Shelf and Slope


  • Laurelynn Brooks- Investigating the link between alkenones and sea surface temperature
  • Kathleen Couchon- Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX)
  • Aimee Gauthier- Late ecosystems monitoring survey
  • Elizabeth Gibbs- Antarctic Sewage Pollution Impact and Recovery Experiments (ASPIRE) program
  • Eric Goff- Monitoring harmful algal blooms using autonomous sampling platforms
  • Linda Hoffman- Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance, and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH)
  • Charlene Mauro- Tracking juvenile bull sharks in the Indian River Lagoon
  • Debra Quintero- Sea floor survey of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary ; Analyzing Data from the Nancy Foster Cruise , (Darling Marine Center, Walport, Maine)
  • Catherine Roberts- Study of frontal zones in vicinity of Cape Hatteras
  • Kathryn Roberts- Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance, and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH)
  • Steve Schmidt- Western Arctic Shelf Basin Interactions (SBI)
  • Barbara Simon-Waters- Foraging ecology of Northern elephant seals
  • Leesa Wingo- Physical biological coupling at frontal zones in Glacier Bay National Park

  • Elaine Amaral- Long-term bottom trawl survey of Narragansett Bay
  • Margaret Brumsted- North Cape Shellfish Restoration Project
  • Deborah Field- Age and growth of pelagic and large coastal sharks using vertebral growth bands
  • Elizabeth Gibbs- Impact of human activities on dusky dolphin behavior and population biology in Kaikora, New Zealand
  • Christine Kirch- Role of zooplankton grazers in harmful algal bloom dynamics in the Bay of Fundy
  • Steven Krous- Habitat value of aquaculture shellfish gear
  • John Langella- Deep water excavation of ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea
  • Lynn Masellis- Late ecosystem monitoring survey in the Gulf of Maine
  • Sandra Pratt- Role of zooplankton grazers in harmful algal bloom dynamics in the Bay of Fundy
  • Sarah Quan- Study of the exchange of waters between the Northeast Atlantic and the Norwegian Seas

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