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Cold Hard Facts…What Inquiring Minds Will Know
Inquiry-based Ice Investigations

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Resources and Reference Materials
(Note from Tina King: After doing these inquiry-based investigations, my students did a wonderful investigative activity from the Exploratorium, which also included an investigation with "Ice Balloons". I highly recommend this activity. My students did not do the Exploratorium’s ice balloon activity until after they had conducted their own ice investigations. I felt it was important for the students to come up with their own ice investigations first. The only thing the students knew ahead of time about the Exploratorium’s ice balloon activity was that we would be doing an upcoming ice investigation with balloons. They only knew this because I had requested supplies, such as balloons, salt, and food coloring to be brought from home. It was interesting to see the students’ version of an ice balloon investigation before they were influenced by the activity from the Exploratorium. To find out more about the Exploratorium’s ice balloon activity, check out their wonderful web site:http://www.exploratorium.edu. I was fortunate to meet up with the Exploratorium webcast team while I was in Antarctica at the U.S. McMurdo Research Station. See my December 17th journal entry on the TEA web page. The Exploratorium team had broadcasts with video footage, which included the blizzard that also kept me in Antarctica, the penguins, diving under ice, the South Pole, and Mt. Erebus. I also recommend the TEA activities, which may be found at the TEA home page:../../. An interesting TEA activity to follow up these ice investigations: "To Be Salty Sea Ice or Not to be Salty Sea Ice, That is the Question…An Introduction to the Sea Ice at the Polar Regions. "

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