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21 November, 2001

Todays Temp. -10 C, +14 F

with wind chill -27 C, -16 F

Next sunset: Feb. 20, 2002

Our first full day in Antarctica began with a briefing for all newly arrived Principal Investigators (PIs) and their teams. We were given status updates on any problems related to our projects and the status of any special equipment we had shipped down or ordered. My team also met briefly with the diver who is going to be drilling and collecting our water samples. He was shown a diagram of the drill sites and informed where we wanted to start. He will be drilling tomorrow and we should be collecting sample on Friday. My first "night" without any darkness was fine. I adjusted somehow. All of our windows have curtains for shutting out the light.

The Antarctic landscape as viewed from McMurdo

Another view of Antarctic Landscape (you get the idea)

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