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22 November, 2001

Temp. -8 C, 18 F

With wind chill -21 C, -6 F

We began the day with our Waste management class. We cannot leave any waste materials on the continent. Each country must take away their garbage. The US has developed a system of sorting waste so that it can be easily packaged and shipped back to the states. We have indeed taken recycling to a new level! In fact, I think all can benefit by thinking about garbage (see the contest below). The rest of the day (9am-5:30pm) was our day for Sea Ice Training class. We spent the day on the sea ice learning how to protect ourselves and how to recognize cracks in the ice that might propose a problem if walking or driving. We were also shown the landscape and taught how to navigate ourselves back to base in case of a storm or other emergency.

Question of the Day!

Our last question of the day dealt with the importance of drinking water. The winner is Radna from Turtlehook Middle School in Uniondale, NY. Radna correctly explained that because we are working outside in the cold air, we are still sweating a lot, and our bodies are losing a lot of water, but we may not be drinking as much because we are cold may not realize how much water we are losing. So we are cautioned to drink water! NOW FOR THE CONTEST!!!

At McMurdo waste sorting is an important task if we are to maximize recycling and minimize waste disposal problems. How many different types of waste can you name? One clue: The recyling that we do in the states is a start, but just a tip of the iceberg (there's over ten different types of waste bins found

here at McMurdo)!

I think we will have 3 categories of winners: elementary, middle school and High School. So email in your responses. I'll close the contest on Wednesday, Nov. 27th.

I'm standing on Ross Sea (frozen of course). Some parts will thaw out in the coming summer months

This is a Hagland, one of the vehicles used to drive on ice and snow.

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