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23 November, 2001

Temp: -1 C, +30 F

With Wind chill: -8 C, +18F

Today we began our sampling of McMurdo. Our goal remember is to do water and soil samples in and around McMurdo Station the assess the environmental impact of science operations at the station and to set up a long range monitoring program. Today, we took water samples from under the sea ice, which required the help of McMurdo divers. The locations for sampling were previously decided on and given to the divers ahead of time. Earlier they had located the sites and drilled holes through the sea ice. When we arrived, the portable hut was set up around the hole and ready for the divers to begin. After the samples were collected, they were taken back to the lab. Here at McMurdo, they will be tested for the presence of E coli and toxicity levels. Some of the samples will be sent back to Texas for more tests that will show if other kinds of contaminants and pollutants are present and at what levels.

A view of the ice hut from the outside.

Diver getting ready to go into the ice hole.

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