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14 November, 2001

Nov 14th- An Adventure on the Polar Plateau

I am feeling a lot better today. The sleep really helped. Today a group went up to the plateau to check on and service a seismic station from last year. (I'm scheduled to go there tomorrow.) It was quite a day for the team. Juliette was so cold. She couldn't stay warm and spent the four hours up there shivering and getting dangerously cold. Finally the plane arrived to pick them up and she was given hot tea. She had a scary day!

Rigobert was also on the trip. He said that he felt fine while out there, but when he got back he had frostbite in two spots on his face. Frostbite occurs when the skin freezes and dies. The plateau is a harsh place. Rigobert didn't realize that his face was freezing. He didn't have it all covered up. Once you get frostbite, there isn't much you can do, and it's painful. We hope Rigobert will feel better soon! More tomorrow.

Juliette preparing for her flight to the plateau

Rigobert preparing for the flight

The team boards the plane

Rigobert with frostbite!

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