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6 November, 2001

Nov 6th- Snow School!

When we arrived last night, two members of our science team (Patrick and Don) met us after a briefing by one of the USAP personnel. We had to rush to the galley to eat dinner. There was barely anything left because we were so late. Basically my dinner consisted of mashed potatoes and plain spaghetti. Then Patrick and Don whisked us to the Crary Science Lab (where most of the electronics for the seismometers are) and then to pick up our equipment for Snow School for the next morning. By the time I finally got to sleep, it was just before midnight. I was totally exhausted! The next morning the alarm rang at 6:15am and we were off to breakfast and then Snow School. I'll explain more about that in tomorrow's journal.

So, if my students can remember at what part of the "elephant" I'm at, they'll know where McMurdo Station is. For those who are not familiar with this icy continent, I will find a map for you soon. Life in McMurdo is quite civilized. I am living in a dorm room with Juliette, one of my teammates. She is from France and has a wonderful accent! The galley where we eat meals is set up cafeteria-style. This means that we grab a tray and put food on our plates. The food is quite good.

McMurdo is really a little city. In the summer (Antarctic summer) there are about 1,200 people here. There are scientists, support personnel (people who help run our "city"), Air Force and Air National Guard personnel, etc. This place is buzzing with activity! There is lots more that I'll share soon. It's been really hard to get my journals written and sent because I have been so busy. I'll catch up soon!

The beginning of Snow School

We transported some of our things with sleds

Thai is showing us how to cut snow blocks

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