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6 December, 2001

Dec 6th- Antarctic Artifacts

The Crary Lab has a number of neat Antarctic artifacts on display for people to look at. I will show some of these to you.

A display at Crary Lab

This is an old ship's lantern that was found in the waters around Antarctica.

An octopus!

This is a type of echinoderm called a feather star

Sea stars

An Antarctic cod, also known as a toothfish. This fish was found near the ice runway by McMurdo. These fish can weigh 85 lbs!

This is called a giant isopod

These are ventifacts (found in the Dry Valleys). They are rocks that were shaped by the wind.

A closer view of the ventifacts

A fossil of ferns that is about 180 million years old! More evidence that plant life once existed in Antarctica

The skull of a leopard seal.

Here's the Weddell seal I saw. Look at the skull picture and then this one!

The skull of a Weddell seal

This petrified tree stump is between 270 and 270 million years old! This is evidence that at one time forests grew in Antarctica!

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