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10 July, 2002

Margie Goatley arrived today and will be joining the team. Margie was with us last year. She is a graduate student at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. I will be doing a short biography on her in the next few days and also about her thesis. There are many areas of anthropology. All of the people I have met have all been researching different topics. More on this later.....

It is raining so hard today, we are inside cataloging. It is easy to fall behind because there is so much to do. But cataloging is necessary, so sometimes the rain is good.

The next interview: Olive interviewed Faye. She operates the reindeer herd in the village. Her interview was fascinating as well as her discussion of her crafts. Faye makes Eskimo dolls and mukluks (traditional boots). The boots are made from reindeer fur and seal skin. The dolls also have the fur and skins. The doll also had an ivory face. Faye has also taught in the school in Wales. She has taught the children the traditional dances, the songs, some folklore, and how to speak some Inupiaq. Once again, the full story will be out in the fall.

In August, the team will be going to Tin City about 10 miles away. They will be excavating there until the end of August. I wish I could go, but I need to return to MA. Still hoping to see muskox but so far none have shown their shaggy face. I also hope to see an umiak again this year. A umiak is a traditional boat made with a wooden inner structure but the outside is lined with walrus or seal skin. This is a very safe boat and has been made for thousands of years.

Margie is working on her finds. She has a knack for finding things. She may be the Mickey Mantle of archaeology. Actually, no one can come close to Mickey Mantle, but Margie is good!

Margie is pictured here on her way to work inthe morning.

Later that day, in the kitchen!

Victoria and Danitra are seen here in the Dome. It seemed to be home to all of us.

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