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15 July, 2002

Lots happen in Wales over the weekend. You may think this is a small village on the Bering Strait, with only 150 people living here?

I am very happy to be a TEA person. I feel, I am bring archaeology into my classroom. I am bringing in hands-on science into my classroom. But being in Wales, I am bringing in a whole culture. The people that live in Wales are Inupiaq people. This is a warm and wonderful village. This weekend, there were many nets in the water, fishing for salmon. We were given two (one from Lena and Pete and one from Walter). There is nothing quite ;like having salmon that was just caught. We were also treated to a reindeer roundup over at Faye’s. The reindeer did not come in until almost midnight. We watched as they were almost brought in, but escaped to the lagoon. They later came back in for their innoculations.

Winton was interviews also today. He works in the IRS office and is also one of the whaling captains. He told about hunting as a small boy with his father. He spoke about games, growing up, being an integral part of an Inupiaq community. Tammie and I also picked muskox fur from the mountain top. There were many reindeer on the top. At first we thought we were seeing the muskox. It is still a treat to see reindeer. This is a great part of my TEA experience. I hope to transfer this to my students in the fall.

The top three pictures: First we see on of our interviewees, Pete Sereadlook. Pete will be interviewed by Jill later in July. He is seen here bringing out nets for salmon. Next is the reindeer roundup. They seem pretty excited. I guess I would be too, if I was rounded up and put ina corral. Next is a large tanker beinmg pullef through the Bering Strait at 2 A.M. Winton is our next interview. Chris will be doing this job.

Winton was a whaling captain at one time. This is a umiak or skin boat. It came across from Diomede. An umiak was very important in whaling.

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