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19 July, 2002

The Day

It is getting tighter and tighter in our units as we excavate down. We are centering our attention in one area. At this point, we are not sure if we will get down another level. We have found more baleen, 2 labrets, and some more ivory. One thing about past history and technology: the people making tools (artifacts) were never satisfied with leaving things. They all had this need to improve on the technology to make life better. Their artistry in their intricate carvings is truly amazing.

Margie has found another basket today! This was has a bottom to it. She said this is her best find yet. It takes time, but it is vital to work on keeping all finds preserved correctly. Margie had to clean it off (very carefully!) and then pack it correctly, so it will not be damaged. After it has been buried for hundreds of years. Over on our mound, we are working on looking for possible posts to the house. We have come across quite a bit of wood. Now we have to see where it is going, how it is situated, and if it has any connections. Usually, we find artifacts under or near the posts.

Oral histories: Pat Ongtowasruk was interviewed today. He is one of the elders in the village. I conducted this interview, but one of the students in Orange, MA will do the write up and presentation. Pat is a wonderful man. He has gone through a great deal of history in Wales. Unfortunately not all of the history is good, but he did have quite a few great adventures in his life. He is a very positive man.

Once gain, it was rather windy (VERY) today and rainy, but it also cleared up after work. We should sleep all day and work all night, I think. Anyway, after all of our paperwork, we have to take a walk as often as possible. Wales is a beautiful and awesome land!

Margie is on her way to work. We worked 8-5, come rain or come shine!

I found this mandible (jawbone) while excavating. Something about these fascinated me. Next to it is my work pallette, a scapula,and my trowel. All essentials tools of the trade.

Chris interviewed Pat Ongtowasruk. Pat is a very nice man. He has lived in Wales his whole life. He has lived through a great deal of the history. He spoke of the importance of the young children in Wales, keeping their traditions and culture.

Victoria and Danitra are pictured in the Dome. We had bad weather for a change and had to do some cataloging inside.

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