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31 July, 2001

The following will be a page to say thanks to all of the people who helped with this great experience. It was indeed a life memory.

Dr. Vivian: Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Same to Mrs. O'Brien and Mr. Haigh

Will and Jay: Thanks for helping me get into shape and be in the best shape of my life. I better stay this way.

Thanks for Jean and Dick for their help.

Thanks to Adam for his photography advice!!!!

Thanks to Tammie and Cory for their incredible support.

Thanks to the team in Wales for helping me learn about archaeology.

Thanks to Dr. Roger Harritt for everything!!!

And a special THANKS to the people of Wales for being great people in a great village.

Whale vertebrae next to T3.

Pictured is a covered Umiak from Diomede.

Muktuk or whale meat ready to be cut up for the potluck supper.

Roger is assessing the situation with Julie and Maria

A house on Main St.

A great picture and a showing of the excavation.

Main St.

These walrus skulls, whale vertebrae, ribs, and other assorted bones were lying next to TEL 079 N.

The unit looks so nice just before we start excavating. It was very exciting to see what was in the unit!

I really like walrus skulls and I used a whale scapula as a holder for my findings as I excavated. This was Julie's idea.

The Arc built by Joseph Sinungetuk and david Barr, this sled with dove is pointing to Siberia across the Bering Sea in a gesture of peace.

This says it all about the village of Wales, the excavation with Roger, Julie, John, Maria, Amy, and Margie, and all of the people in Wales. This is at midnight!

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