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28 October, 2001

Packing Up!

This is the last day before I leave for the ice--both exciting and a little daunting! It was a good day for relaxing and seeing a little of Christchurch, but the main event of the day was to go to the Clothing Distribution Center and try on all the gear that we are issued: boots, long underwear, wind pants, fleece pants and jacket, wind jacket, parka, about 5 different pairs of gloves and mittens, wool socks, hats, neck gaitor, and probably a few other things that I've forgotten (see pictures below). I can't imagine walking around in all of it, but I'm sure I'll need it. It's important to wear a lot of layers so that if you get too warm, you can take some clothes off. It's very dangerous to sweat too much in the cold; it just makes you even colder. All the gear is in very good condition and I think I'm all set. Stay tuned....

Outside the Clothing Distribution Center where we got all our gear.

A display of the gear I'll be taking.

Trying on the gear.

The warehouse is huge.

Boarding Ivan the Terrible.

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