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21 January, 2002

Weather High 12, Low 5

Today was a fabulous day! Martin (Dr. Jeffries) gave me my very own research pond ~ "34 Mile" pond. The weather forecast for the day was supposed to be below zero but I didnít care. Wore my heaviest clothes (thick Carhartts, parka, bunny boots, and layers of polyester) but turned out the weather forecast was incorrect. The only thing different was more snow. Imagine me with 20 pounds of clothing (felt like it anyway) walking through 1.5 to 2 feet of snow! I knew I should have worked out a little more. Whew!

Basically, we started from scratch and measured two crossing transect lines, A and B, and wedged in stakes at intervals of 5 meters. Remember, it was snowing so the measuring tape was pretty much buried after an hour.

After we secured the stakes, we did our routine of collecting snow samples, recording snow depth/temperature, and ice thickness. Check tomorrow for density and heat flow results! Hopefully when I return in March, I'll have significant outcomes.

On our way out this morning, we saw an adult moose and calf.

1. (Lynette) Creating a transect with measuring tape.

2. (Martin) Labeling stakes for each marker.

3. (Shannon) Placing labeled stakes at each marker.

4. Wedges hammered for security.

6. (Martin) Snow sample collected.

7. Shannon's snow sample (27.5 cm snow depth) collected at the 40 meter marker.

8. (Shannon) Clearing area for drilling.

10. GPS information

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