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22 January, 2002

Weather High 6, Low ~5

Weather is dropping each day. Gradual decreasing temperature is great way to prepare for the cold. The roads were icy, several accidents were reported in the Fairbanks Daily News. We had several inches of fresh snow. Also, there were arcticles on Dog Mushing.

Dog Mushing Dog Mushing is another term used for dog sledding. This official state sport is a very popular winter activity. Along with many other races, the biggest and longest race of the year "The Yukon Quest International" will take place right here in the heart of Fairbanks on February 9th. In the past, dogs were used regularly for transportation and hauling. Since the invention of snow machines, the working dog teams became less common. Currently, dogs are used for mushing and other winter sports. Races vary from a few miles to a hundred miles, ranging from 7 to 16 dogs. Some challenges that may arise during races are due to extreme weather, moose scares or attacks, river overflows, sudden illness, or exhaustion.

Yukon race

Yukon Trail Map

34-Mile pond results Data collected from my pond were calculated, heat flow results will be explained during my stay in March/April. Average snow depth 32 cm Average ice thickness 63 cm

Measuring mass of snow sample from 70-meter marker. Mass is needed to calculate snow density.

Martin now has a sign name! (tap all fingertips on the chin twice)

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