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10 August, 2001

August 10, 2001

Day 5 of TEA orientaion in the forested area of Hanover, New Hampshire. As I sit in my chair, staring out at the trees, my mind is spinning with a whole new vocabulary learned this week. We are learning such things as circumpolar, NSF, OPP, LC-130, ChCh, helo out, mentor, transfer, teach, learn, coach, synectics, ECW, TEA, among many others. So, what are all these things? Or for those words you think you recognize, why would I say they are new? Let's start with what may be believed as familiar .....

*Teach: German word meaning "to show"

*Learn: German word meaning "to grow"

*Coach: to counsel

*transfer: move something (knowledge, ideas, plans, excitement) to another area or person

*Mentor: A learning-focused relationship in which the mentor serves as a growth agent

****Key: A mentor is not a change agent; a mentor takes a mentee further, not necessarily in a different direction!

Now for terms that may not seem so familiar:

*circumpolar: the circular region of the N or S pole

*synectics: bringing together diverse subjects or ideas (ex. science is like a blender because ....)

*NSF: national science foundation

*OPP: Office of Polar Programs; a branch of NSF

*LC-130: a type of aircraft used to transport equipment and people to Antarctica

*ChCh: ChristChurch - a common stop found in New Zealand enroute to either McMurdo or South Pole research stations of Antarctica

*helo out: using a helicopter to be flown out of an area

*ECW: Extreme Cold Weather gear worn by those working in the polar regions *TEA: Teachers Experiencing the Arctic and Antarctic

And this is only the tip of the iceburg (pun intended) of what we have learned this week. I have recognized that the reason for learning carries much motivation. Anytime I get a little bored or frustrated with the sessions, I just visualize ice and arctic life, and I am fired up to learn more.

As a parting thought:

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional."

Our TEA - Arctic Group: From left to right - Shannon Graham, Betty Carvellas, Ron Hochstrasser, Dallas Tropple, Kim Hanisch, April Cheuvront, and in front, Dr. Deb Meese - Arctic Program Director. Taken at CRREL, Hanover, NH, August 10, 2001.

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