8 December, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Another bad weather day here again. You would think this is Antarctica. It snowed lightly for 2 and a half days and hard for this morning. Have about 3 inches on the ground. The wind has come up and blowing around some but I can see a little farther than a few hours ago.

Yes we found out that one of the Sky-Divers killed was from McMurdo. He has worked here as a carpenter for several years. Always wanted to do that High-Adventure stuff they said. His accident has been the talk of the meal tables. With the ugly weather,we stayed inside and worked around the lab a little.

Really not much I can do to help Kathy, she is doing some electro-conductivity work on another group's water and it is really a one person operation. Lisa (the computer person) and I took a few pictures close around the lab here and I HOPE that I sent them correctly.

Never used a digital camera before. I really have not used a normal camera that much ether. I have taken some pictures and I'm hopeing they are good. Better go, Gotta get my room cleaned up so I can depart to the Valleys tomorrow. Hope that it warms up so I can get some melt water. Just a couple of days above freezing so far. Just a normal average day here at McMurdo. I'm OK and doing fine. See ya

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