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24 November, 2004

ARMADA Research Experience, Register for AMNH courses, Workshop Announcement and More!

Reminder: Application for ARMADA Project due February 14, 2005 http://www.armadaproject.org/

ARMADA: Mentoring and Research Experiences for Teachers The ARMADA Project provides K-12 teachers an opportunity to actively parcticipate in ocean, polar, and environmental science research and peer mentoring. Master Teachers develop ways to bring the fruits of their research experiences, including scientific data, methodologies, and technology into their classrooms. They share their experience by mentoring new teachers in their school district and by presenting their results at National Science Teachers Association National Conventions.

Prior to embarking on their research project, ARMADA Master Teachers parcticipate in an intense training workshop that encompasses standards-based pedagogies, mentoring and coaching strategies, and investigations of advanced ocean science content and resources.


Registration is open for the winter offering of American Museum of Natural History's Online Courses

Take time this winter to brush up on everything from evolution to the structure of the universe.

Seminars on Science is offering four science courses for educators this winter: Diversity of Fishes: Classification, Anatomy, and Morphology Earth: Inside and Out: Dynamic Earth Systems

Genetic, Genomics, Genethics: Molecular Biology

Space, Time and Motion: Physical Science

The courses begin January 31 and end March 12, with an additional week to complete the work. Each course is $445, with a $100 discount if you register by December 7.

Graduate credits are available from the following institutions for an additional fee:

City University of New York, 3 science education credits, $145 additional

Adams State College, 3 science education credits, $270 additional Plymouth State University, 4 environmental science credits, $400 additional

In addition, our courses are now part of a self-designed M.ED program at Plymouth State University. Take up to seven Seminars on Science courses and a few additional Plymouth courses to get your Masters!

Our courses are designed and taught by scientists and educators at the Museum to provide you with:

Knowledge about current science trends and research Opportunities to engage in scientific inquiry

A network of scientists, educators, and colleagues around the world Valuable resources, including videos and interactives, to use in your classroom

All you need is an Internet connection. The coursework is designed to be flexible for the busy teacher. There are weekly activities you must complete, but the time and day that you complete them is up to you.

To learn more about the Seminars on Science courses, to take a course tour, and to register for an upcoming course, go to: http://learn.amnh.org/welcome.php?w=PREVW05

Questions? Email seminfo@amnh.org or call (800) 649-6715.

We hope you will join us this winter! And please pass this email on to your colleagues who might be interested in our program


Arcticle Available Online

An arcticle entitled "The Early Twentieth-Century Warming in the Arctic - A Possible Mechanism", recently appeared in the Journal of Climate (Volume 17, pp. 4045-4057) and is available on the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) web site at: http://www.nersc.no/MACESIZ/ben04.pdf


Workshop Announcement

Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Arctic

Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions (LAII) Program

20-21 January 2005

Seattle, WA

Requests for more information or to parcticipate should be sent to: Barb Hameister

LAII Science Management Office

E-mail: bhameister@iarc.uaf.edu

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