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10 October, 1994


We reached "the end of the line" this evening. Now we will go west for two days, and turn northward toward New Zealand. The ice is getting thinner (50 cm) and our afternoons of drilling have become easier. There are now wide leads and lots of brash, and the temperature is hovering around the freezing point.

They are saying that the transit to New Zealand should take 8.5 days. It will certainly be an anticlimax after all of the excitement and hard work over the past 20 days. It's so hard to believe that the trip will be over soon.

There are still lots of icebergs out there tonight. I just finished my ice obs. And I took a few photos. On Wed. PM there will be a "Tea Party" for the ladies on the ship. It should be fun.

We finished our freezer work early tonight (before dinner) so that I have a relatively relaxed evening in front of me. All I really have to do is to put some snow depth data into the computer.

(See ice transect diagram and map of NBP's course)

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