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8 October, 1994


2000 hrs

Just finished watching slides of a cruise from New Zealand to Punta Arenas (earlier this year) Great iceberg shots!

Today was very windy, but up to -1 C ! The snow was between 1 and 2 meters deep, which made it incredibly hard to walk. We did our usual three pairs of cores.

No penguins have visited us in a couple of days, but this morning, during ice observations, I saw 2 seals, 2 minke whales, and four penguins out on the ice. I'm almost out of film, but I have plenty of video tape left.

We have only four more days out on the ice. Stephanie and I feel really sad about that! I am trying hard to absorb every moment...even the tough ones. It will soon be over, and this great adventure will seem like only a dream. I have ideas about where I'd like all of this to lead. I don't like to think of my interest in (knowledge of) ice structure waning. I would consider coursework in glaciology, although I'm not sur which universities offer coursework in these areas. I even think that a sabbatical might lead to a sixth year, etc. I have missed home, somewhat, but I have loved this trip more that I even imagined I would. I sometimes stand out on the ice in awe.

Tonight, Jane showed me a digital computer photo image of Martin and me doing a core, with the ship in the background. WOW! She's going to attempt to send it to the WASHINGTON POST!!! I'm so excited.

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