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4 October, 1994


Today was the most beautiful day on the ice, but also the most dangerous! The floe upon which we were working looked safe, but it was loaded with thin spots. My foot went through, but I'm lucky that that's all! Several people fell clear through, including my roommate, who was able to climb to safety as others watched! Bernhard was not so lucky. He struggled by himself and was finally able to get back onto the ice-only to fall through a second and a third time. It was all very scary. Everyone is OK, but a little more wary.

The penguins were with us on the ice all day! They (the Emperors) were beautiful! I got lots of great shots since it was sunny and "warm".

The day ended with everyone up on the bridge to watch the sun set behind icebergs that seemed only within arm's reach. It was a glorious ending to an exciting day!

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