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17 September, 1994


Got up early today and worked out before breakfast. I had watch at 900 hours (for 2 hours). I will be teamed up with Matthew Sturm (an expert on snow) for the next two days. The weather is much colder and windier today (-10 C/40 knots) and the ice thickness has increased to 40-80 cm.

After lunch, Stephanie and I helped Martin to pack up our sled and our ice coring equipment. We will probably get our first coring opportunity on Monday morning. Yay! It's what we on the ice team have been waiting for!

Attached are some diagrams and inventorylists for equipment to be used on the ice. Martin said that he may be able to help me to find some used coring equipment that I could use with my students on freshwater lakes. I would like to be able to continue to observe the crystallography of ice after I get home. I'm not exactly sure where the extra funds would come from, but there may be some grant monies available. The most costly piece of equipment would be the electric saw. Naturally, there would be some logistical problems associated with the travel to iced-over lakes/ponds; use of the walk-in freezer, etc. Just the same, I believe that it is worth pursuing.

The last CTD station prior to turning south is scheduled for tomorrow at 0800 hours. After that, the ice should become substantially thicker, and the opportunity for seeing penguins and seals will improve.

Tonight at 2000 hours we are all going to gather in the lounge to watch a movie about Shackleton's trip into the Weddell Sea. I am enjoying reading "The Last Place on Earth" and have just finished the chapter on Scott's first attempt at the South Pole, during his first trip and winter-over in Antarctica. Shackleton and Wilson almost died due to the pigheadedness and inexperience of Scott. The picture painted of Scott was not at all flattering. Apparently he was rigid, insecure, and unprepared. He also was a poor leader and was unwilling to accept advice. He certainly had many personality flaws.

This afternoon we brewed a fresh pot of gourmet coffee. I have not had a good cup of coffee in over two weeks...it seems longer! In fact, it was only two weeks ago that we drove up to Puerto Natales...that seems like months ago!! Wow. I'm really in a time warp.

I have gotten to know most of the scientists on board.I appreciate all of them for what they have to offer. I talked to Dave this morning about his measurements of carbon dioxide and total carbonates. I was quite interested and he said that he could explain more about the analysis and the data itself.

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