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18 September, 1994


Next CTD station:

67 degrees South

4,000m to bottom

4-5 hour stop

approx. 11 P.M. local time

back underway @ 3 A.M. or so

It's unlikely that we'll go out tonight.

Martin suggests a little more patience. Perhaps as early as after breakfast tomorrow!?! We now have 25 days remaining "in the ice". If we get out tomorrow, it will be a long stop so that everyone can work out the kinks.

The remainder of the CTD stations will occur at .5 degree intervals. They will be shallow casts which translates into 2 hour stops. It has not yet been determined if we will exit from the starboard or the port side of the ship. It will be determined by the floe size...(crane & net vs gangway)

**Always be prepared to go onto the ice after breakfast (9 A.M. and onwards)

The new watch schedule has been posted (see attached)

Discussion of iceberg and "bouncing ball" data

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