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19 September, 1994


-20 C/ 40 knot winds

First day on the ice! We were thrilled to finally be doing what we came to do! The ice was about 70 cm thick, so we took three cores and analyzed them after dinner (this involves going into a walk-in freezer for two hours, slicing each core longitudinally, and recording the crystalline makeup.)

Now that we have work to do, I'm sure that there will be little time for much of anything else. That's OK though because it feels great to finally have an agenda.

I did not feel at all cold today. The "bunny" boots are amazing! My toes were toasty warm. If anything, I should wear fewer layers because coring is hard work and warms me up very quickly.

1830 hrs: Ice Team Meeting: Recap of day's events

Tonight we will be stopping at 1900 hrs for a short period of time for snow and ice sampling

Safety On The Ice:

Staying forward of the crane is unsafe

Getting onto the ice must be organized because haste can lead to accidents


Ricardo, Martin, and Matthew go out first

All others stay on ship until they receive the "go ahead" Everyone except the snow team must stay away from the "off

limits" area

Matt, Kim, and Rob will be the first team to go out in order to set up snow

transect equipment

Ricardo, Shusun, and Shawn go out next

Ute and Bernhard next

Dave and Janet

Marge, Stephanie, and Martin


Move away from the net ASAP

Don't overload the basket/stay inside the basket Don't wander around on the ice without permission

Stay out of the freezer when other teams are using it

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