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29 February, 2000

A pleasant late summer day for the "ice people." They lost some equipment because the snow buried it before they could mark it with survey flags, and they couldn't find it later.

Here I am labeling a piston core, in its plastic liner. It's the same core you saw us trying to get out of the piston corer in yesterday's journal. I'm writing "NBP-00-01-14PC." This means the core was taken from the Nathaniel B. Palmer, in the year 2000, it was the first voyage that year, the fourteenth core, and it was a piston core. I learned the first day that felt tip markers don't write on wet plastic.

The "ice people" start out for the ice in a Zodiac. The wind came up and the ice floe they were on started breaking up before they could finish their work. They had to return to the ship.

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