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17 November, 2000

This is Ms. Kidder's First Grade Class at Bench Elementary. They will be "going" with me on this adventure. Actually they are more interested in the adventures of Waddlesworth!

Here you see Casey Jones contemplating the UV beads that he put on his coat. The kids at Bench and the folks on my research team will be comparing these beads while I am at the Pole.

Here are three of the first graders from Ms. Kidder's class showing off their UV Bead Zipper Pulls.

Along with the UV beads the 1st Graders made a great Banner that I will fly off the Blimp. I will also try to get as many signatures from people at the Pole as possible on the banner so the kids will have a real treasure for their classroom.

To my surprise one of the sixth grade classes presented me with a "Bench Banner" from the whole school. I will also fly this "flag" from the Blimp and somehow I will construct a flag pole to fly it the month that I am at the Pole.

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