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30 November, 2000

Today is the day we try on our ECW Gear! THe ECW or (Extreme Cold Weather) clothing is housed and distrubited from the CDC or (Clothing Distribution Center) or centre as they spell here in NZ. We were scheduled to try on our clothes from 2PM till 4:30Pm and it actually took me longer. I have three coats, overalls, six apir of wool socks, two sets of longjohn's, 4 pair gloves, and big clunky blue boots! I also have a lot of other stuff that won't list. In addition to the ECW process the first flight actually made it to the Ice today. The plane left at 9AM went out two hours and turned back due to winds at McMurdo. They were able to try again at 2PM and actually made it to the Ice about 10PM. Since this flight has made it we are now scheduled to fly out on the 2nd of Dec. and not the 1st as previously planned. Once I get to McMurdo I will get on the list for Pole since they are 50 flights behind as of today. I bet I will get a few days in McMurdo?! I am actually happy that I have had a few extra days in Christchurch. It has given me the chance to see the city and visit the rest of the International Antarctic Centre. The IAC is actually a tourist attraction! The Italian, Kiwi, and US Antarctic Programs are located here as is a money making attraction interactive tourist attraction that people pay to visit.

Now there is a huge International Antarctic Centre that even has a snow coach ride for the paying customers! The centre is actually a big tourist attraction.

Clothing Distribution at the CDC. This image and the next can be paced together to get the full meal deal.

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