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8 May, 2001

To the Icebreaker Oden


This morning was bright and sunny and the bad part is that we are so far north (59o21.1), it gets light about 4 am and I forgot to close my window shades! My day/night body clock is still really messed up since I am 9 hours off the local time.

I met up with Anders Karlqvist, Director of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and Sven Lidstrom, Technical Communications Officer, and we drove through Stockholm to the dock area where I saw the Icebreaker Oden for the first time (Photo 1). This 100 m ship will be my home for 2 months this summer on the way to the North Pole. There are so many scientists and support personnel onboard that I will be staying on the Icebreaker Atle, which is moored at the next dock over (Photo 2), with some of the other scientists during this week of planning and safety meetings.

We had a general meeting in the starboard mess hall where all of the officers and other important people were introduced. I was also introduced so that everyone would know who I am and what I am doing on the ship. We heard general information about life on the ship and then broke up into groups for ship tours. First we had a lecture on Fire Safety and Drills (Photo 3) then went to see the Bridge, Engine Room, Helicopter Deck, and Pump Room (Photo 4).

Adjo! (Goodbye!)

Dena Rosenberger

Icebreaker Oden

Icebreaker Atle

Fire Safety and Evacuation

The Pump Room

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