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Greetings from sunny San Diego!

Although I was born in Oregon, most of my life has been spent in Southern California. I teach chemistry and honors chemistry in a suburb of San Diego called Lakeside, where agriculture is a big part of the community and the rodeo draws a sellout crowd. I have been teaching here for 10 years and enjoy the small town feel of this little city on the edge of the big city. I obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from San Diego State University and started working in research as a contractor to the Navy while I was still a student. I worked in many aspects of oceanography, - from plankton studies to deep sea pH testing. Many times, I found myself on a research vessel, working in the middle of the night measuring light output from bioluminescent plankton. This taste of research kept me coming back during the summers even after I got my teaching credential and started teaching. I also recently completed my M.A. in Education. I enjoy hiking, camping, and rock climbing, and have recently renewed my interest in backpacking. Travel is also a relatively new hobby and I have visited Europe and Argentina, as well as most of the National Parks in the western states. Reading and science are my other passions. I am a unabashed tree-hugger and Sci-Fi fan, although I am not a fanatic about either one. I also enjoy staying in shape, but only because I really enjoy good food. Growing up in California with a geology professor for a father has provided wonderful opportunities to explore the world in many ways. Science and teaching have always been a part of my life and I will continue to explore the world with my high school students. I am looking forward to my polar experience! - Dena Rosenberger July 2000

Sources of Parcticles Over the Arctic Ocean and their Climactic Relevance
Dr. Patricia Matrai, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Dena will be joining the Swedish Office of Polar Research as they navigate the Norwegian and Barents Seas then push through the Permanent Ice Zone (PIZ) to the North Pole on a 100 meter icebreaker called Oden. They have gathered experts from 8 countries to study pollutants in the Arctic and their effects on the global climate. These experts are scientists from the fields of biology, chemistry, oceanography, and meteorology, and they will be collecting samples during the entire expedition. They will attempt to gain knowledge about how various airborne parcticles and marine organisms (plankton and bacteria) can effect the atmosphere, from 100 meters below the sea surface up to 2 kilometers into the atmosphere. In addition to helping collect and analyze seawater and ice core samples, Dena will be on the weather balloon launch team!

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Lincoln County News

Dena's research vessel is operating in remote parts of the Arctic Ocean; her journals may not arrive every day. Be sure to check back for her latest entry!

28 August, 2001:


23 August, 2001:


21 August, 2001:

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

20 August, 2001:

Greenish Yellowish Water

18 August, 2001:

How Do You Like Your Fish?

17 August, 2001:

Cracking Up

15 August, 2001:

A Room With A View

14 August, 2001:

Sound Off

13 August, 2001:

Fun With Bacteria Monday, 13 August 2001

12 August, 2001:

The Iceman Cometh Sunday, 12 August 2001

11 August, 2001:

Krafta Party Saturday

10 August, 2001:

Of Bears and Men

9 August, 2001:

Lab Day

8 August, 2001:

Kites and Balloons

7 August, 2001:

Bear Encounter

6 August, 2001:


4 August, 2001:

Blowin' in the Wind

3 August, 2001:

Winter Wonderland?

2 August, 2001:

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

1 August, 2001:

Drift Station Wednesday, 1 August 2001

31 July, 2001:

North Pole! Tuesday, 31 July 2001

30 July, 2001:

Steaming to 90 Degrees North

29 July, 2001:

Heavy Ice Pack (HIP)

28 July, 2001:

Back to the Ridge

27 July, 2001:

24- Hour Pack Ice Station

26 July, 2001:

Makarov Basin

25 July, 2001:

Shooting Air

24 July, 2001:

Seismic Science

23 July, 2001:

Lomonosov Ridge

22 July, 2001:

Surface Slick Sampler

21 July, 2001:

Ice Permitting

20 July, 2001:

Dirty Ice?

19 July, 2001:

Argon Gone!

18 July, 2001:

Transit to Lomonosov Ridge

17 July, 2001:

Fog Bows

16 July, 2001:

A Transect Through Open Water

15 July, 2001:

To the Deep, Rough Water

14 July, 2001:

Rotation Day

13 July, 2001:

Preparing for VIPs Friday the 13th, July 01 God tur! (Good luck!)
12 July, 2001:

Happy Trails

11 July, 2001:

Liquid Argon

10 July, 2001:

Ice Coring and Collection

9 July, 2001:

True Marginal Ice Zone Station

8 July, 2001:

And Back Into the Ice

7 July, 2001:

Back Into the Open Water - and Bears

6 July, 2001:

Ice Bear Friday, 6 July 2001

5 July, 2001:

In the Ice!

4 July, 2001:

Starting Testing Procedures

3 July, 2001:

Rough Seas!

2 July, 2001:

Crossing the Arctic Circle

1 July, 2001:

Settling in to Ship Schedule

30 June, 2001:

Our First Full Day at Sea

28 June, 2001:

Waiting for the Icebreaker Oden

11 May, 2001:

Gymnasium Rudbecksskolan

10 May, 2001:

Ice Bear Safety and Training

9 May, 2001:

Safety Training on the Oden

8 May, 2001:

To the Icebreaker Oden

7 May, 2001:

Arriving in Stockholm, Sweden

10 August, 2000:

TEA News

9 August, 2000:

TEA News

8 August, 2000:

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