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9 May, 2001

Safety Training on the Oden

God morgon! (Good morning!)

Another beautiful day in Sweden! It is time for safety training so we climbed into the life rafts and went for a little ride while we learned about emergency procedures. Back to the ship to be trained in cold water survival (Photo 1 WaterSafety) and into the survival suits! (Photo 2 -SurvivalSuit1) Next, each person had to jump off of the dock into the water and swim to the inflatable life raft, which has water and food for 5 days for 20 people. My survival suit leaked a little bit around the neck so I failed Cold Water Survival 101. Do you think they could spot me in the water in my bright orange suit?

This afternoon, I helped the group I will be working with on the expedition set up their laboratory, which is located at the front of the ship on Deck 1. Everyone shares lab space because there is not very much room. I will be part of the Atmospheric Research Program which is led by Dr. Caroline Leck from the University of Stockholm. Dr. Patricia Matrai (from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in Maine) is the main person I will be working with although many of the scientists would like lab help as well. Dr. Matrai is my Principal Investigator, or PI (Photo 3 PatriciMatraiLab). Brian Thompson is the Lab Technician who will be collecting and analyzing samples of seawater (Photo 4 BrianThompsonLab). More on what they will be looking for later.

We also received our Swedish Polar Research Outerwear (complete with nametag) and boots for working out on the ice after we reach the Permanent Ice Zone, or PIZ. Here I am in the lab with my new boots! (Photo 5 NewBoots)

Adjo! (Goodbye!)

Dena Rosenberger

Me and my bulky orange survival suit!

Principal Investigator Dr. Patricia Matrai from Bigelow Lab for Ocean = Sciences

Lab Technician Brian Thompson (who loves to talk about his pet rabbit!)

Me in the lab with my new ice boots on

Full Gear!!!

Lessons on swimming in a bulky orange suit.

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