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Who is Kathy Couchon?

What is Kathy Doing in the Arctic?

Kathy Couchon's Journals

Kathy Couchon is a teacher parcticipating in the ARMADA project.
ARMADA offers research and peer mentoring experiences for K-12 teachers and is facilitated by the University of Rhode Island's Office of Marine Programs and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Who is Kathy Couchon?

My name is Kathy Couchon and I am a seventh grade science teacher at Narragansett Pier Middle School in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Our curriculum is life science with a marine science focus as much as possible. We are fortunate to have Narragansett Bay and a local estuary as back-yard laboratories. I have worked with the URI Office of Marine Programs in the past as a Mentor Teacher in the Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education program. For 3 years I hosted Marine Science graduate students in my classroom to share their research experiences and conduct activities with the students. This summer I am excited to be a part of the ARMADA project.

What is Kathy Doing in the Arctic?

For my research experience I am embarking on a six-week expedition to the Lomonosov Ridge area of the Arctic Ocean as part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Project's Arctic Coring Expedition. I will be aboard a Swedish Icebreaker, the Oden, which will be part of a 3-ship armada taking part in this exciting project. An international team will be drilling sediment cores in waters 1-4 km deep. Microfossils from these cores, taken from 480 m of sediments, will be used to look back at 50 million years of global climate change. Each time I read about this project or try to explain it to someone, I am overwhelmed by this unbelievable opportunity to be part of such "ground-breaking" science. What could be a better way to excite my middle-school students about scientific exploration than to bring back my experiences and show them first-hand!


Kathy Couchon's Journals Be sure to check out the images in the journal entries!

11 September, 2004:

Leaving the Ice

9 September, 2004:

Swedish Traditional Meals

7 September, 2004:

I Have Reached the North Pole

6 September, 2004:

Oden and Vidar Viking - Side by Side

5 September, 2004:

Keeping Connected

4 September, 2004:

Around the Labs on the Oden

3 September, 2004:

Sunshine on the Ice and Drilling Frustrations

2 September, 2004:

Summer in the Arctic - Present and Past

30 August, 2004:

Down time on the Oden

28 August, 2004:

Bits and Pieces from Aboard the Oden

26 August, 2004:

Out on the Ice

25 August, 2004:

Bits and Pieces From Aboard the Oden

24 August, 2004:

Drilling is halted due to the ice situation.

23 August, 2004:

A visit from the Swedish Air Force

22 August, 2004:

Aboard the Vidar Viking

21 August, 2004:

100 meters of core!!

19 August, 2004:

On the Bridge

17 August, 2004:

The first samples from ACEX arrive in the lab.

15 August, 2004:

Up in the helicopter and waiting to drill

13 August, 2004:

Ice, ice and more ice!

11 August, 2004:

First polar bear sighting!

9 August, 2004:

First Days at Sea

7 August, 2004:

First full day aboard the Oden.

6 August, 2004:

Aboard the Oden.

5 August, 2004:

Arrival in Tromso.

2 August, 2004:

As others prepare for the beach today, I am packing my wool socks,

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