7 October, 1996

I'd like not to add to the journal tonight, its 10:00 PM and I've had a long day. It started at 4:15 when we went to the CDC and again dressed in cold weather gear and again had the drug dog sniff us. This time we actually got on the plane and we were airborne by 6:00 AM. Fortunately we were given earplugs before we boarded. This plane was not designed for passengers! There were two trucks in the plane and alongside of the trucks forty scientists and Navy Personnel were strapped to web seats like excess cargo. I have some interesting photos of the group that I'll try to get on the web. I expected a rough flight and even a rougher landing. Both were not much different from what I experienced on the way to New Zealand. At about noon we touched down to minus thirty-degree temperatures. In spite of the cold, the warm weather clothing kept me comfortable.

Living accommodations aren't bad, we're in temporary quarters and I'm told they will get better. I've included a photo of McMurdo's Hospital. From its outside appearance I'd guess it was a somewhat limited facility! Like everyone else here, I was required to have a very extensive physical examination prior to arriving. My guess is that the hospital staff deals with healthy people with minor ailments.

Moving around in the cold isn't as bad as I had expected. Because it's so dry, it doesn't feel any worse than a cold day on the ski slopes in New England, until the wind blows! The negative side of the dryness is dehydration, we were instructed to drink at least a gallon of water per day.

Tomorrow we'll start the day with ice training in preparation for science operations on the sea ice. I'll tell you about it in the next journal entry.

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