10 November, 1996

Journal - November 10, 1996

Sunday and a half a day off. I went to bed at 2:00 am and slept to 10:00. I almost feel like a real person again. Keeping up with my journal is a major stress. One of the few requirements NSF has placed on the teachers is to keep a journal. I usually do mine at the end of the day when I'm very tired. I should get into the habit of starting my day with the journal.

It is very common for people who come to McMurdo to get the flu, or as it's affectionately referred to here, the Antarctic Crud. The first one to get it in our group was Jim, followed by Chuck. Bill currently has it but he refuses to admit he was had by a virus. It appeared Jenni was next but she seems to have made a rapid recovery. Pat says that after spending a year in Hong Kong, he's been exposed to every strain of flu that exists and has either developed immunity or has been vaccinated. Our Zen Master, Jim Mastro, took Chris, Gamini, and me aside while we were at New Harbor and told us the secret of avoiding the Crud. All three of us are doing what he said and will not get sick. The down side of staying healthy is we won't get a day off from work.

Dom Tedeschi


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