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7 November, 2000

Getting Clothes

Today was the day to get our clothing allotment. We traveled out to the U.S. Antarctic Program complex, which is near the Christchurch airport. At the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) we joined a group of about twenty others scheduled to leave tomorrow. After a brief introduction, we were given two large, orange bags containing our cold weather gear.

Our task was to try on everything and exchange any item that didn't fit. The bags contained an amazing amount of gear so the process took almost two hours. About half of the items seemed new while the others have seen some service before. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the gear. I guess they want to make sure we stay warm.

We found out that our group is scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning on a military jet transport plane called a C-141. We will be joined by others who had their flights cancelled over the last two days due to weather conditions at McMurdo Station. Gary and Bob are a bit disappointed because they prefer to fly on the smaller, slower, propeller-driven LC-130 also known as a "Herc."

I am sitting in the CDC after trying on all my cold weather gear. On the floor is the clothing that came out of the two orange bags.

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