24 December, 1998

Christmas Eve in Beacon:

The Santa Flight is due at 1:30, so we all just decide to dig one pit near camp. I accompany Drew and Adam to a crack near the snow bank from which our water supply comes.

While Drew and Adam dig, I haul in 4 bags of snow and arrange them around the cook tent. It's very windy again today, cold. We are wondering if we will get a Santa flight with the wind. We all would like some mail and packages!!

Drew and Adam are disappointed in the pit. Everyone want some ash and it's not there. Dave and Eric return from their area. Dave climbs in the pit and of course finds the ash that was hiding from everyone else. He collects the ash (all of it!) carefully.

Dave and Eric decorate the cook tent from the 25X box. There is a garland around the clothesline, several Santas, a small crocheted stocking. Hanging upside down from the peak of the tent is our tree. The anti-tree.

Around 3pm the Santa flight comes. Santa is convincingly played by Dave R. (the head of NSF here in Antarctica). Santa arrives in full regalia escorted by decked out elves in the very seasonal 211. We all get pictures and wonder of wonders - when they land the wind stops!

Santa approves of our decorations and they bring us 3 packages from McMurdo. We have fresh bread, fruit, cookies and trash bags!! No letters or packages for any of us. We must be losers!!

Santa departs at 4 and the 25X festivities begin.

Happy Christmas Eve from Beacon Valley.


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