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2 January, 2003

Transformers in McMurdo

Many of the vehicles here remind me of the toy "transformers" that have weird parts in order to make them work in a variety of situations. McMurdo has "dirt" roads which really is crushed volcanic rock (no paved roads). There can be a lot of snow and ice in town but it's relatively free of that now. This necessitates a range of wheels and traction devices that certainly gets your attention when you first get here. "What in the world is that?" is a common question but a way of life for those who have been here awhile. Of course getting out to the runway on the ice of McMurdo Sound presents it's own special challenges. Incidentally, now that it's warming up the ice runway has been shut down and the structures have been moved off the ice. Williams (or "Willie") Field on the other side of the Kiwi's Scott Base will be the primary airfield now.

Happy New Year!!

Ps. If this is the first entry you've read then go back to the calendar (at the bottom of this page) so you can click on it and start with the December 17th entry.

1. This van with the massive wheels met us at the airfield on the first day. You're not in Kansas any more!

2. Taber poses with "Uncle Buck" the vehicle that took us out to snow school

3. If you were to pull up to a four way stop in Maine in the "Piston Bully" everyone would probably let you go first

4. Just what every pickup truck needs for wheels. Believe it or not, it says 4x4 on the side of the truck, just in case you had any doubt.

5. The traction on the 4x4

6. The vehicles are plugged in to keep the engine blocks from freezing

7. My favorite truck! This one belongs to the Fire Chief.

8. Taber checks out "Ivan the Terra Bus" - a great people mover!

9. Who comes up with these names?

10. Taber and Sarah are dwarfed by Ivan's wheels

11. One of the pickups stirring up a lot of dirt and dust

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