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31 December, 2002

Food Pull

A "Food Pull" is McMurdo slang for getting and packing the food your group will need while it's in the field. We filled 27 wooden crates with canned goods, dry food, soups, pasta and in the next couple of days will arrange for the frozen foods such as meats and fish. We have three stoves that will be available for cooking and will rotate cooking duties in the evenings when we return to our base camp in Bull Pass. Breakfast should be easy enough at the base camp. We'll make lunches to take with us along with high energy snacks and ample water and juices while we're working in the mountains.

1. A forlklift moves supplies into the food loft of the cargo warehouse

2. The loft has rows of shelves of various food stocks. Frozen meats and fish are kept elsewhere.

3. Dry foods, crackers, and pasta

4. Freeze dried foods such as these fruits will be good during the mountain hiking. They are lightweight and high in energy.

5. Amanda checks her master list of food requirements and directs what is needed and in what quantities

6. Canned foods will be used to help make the base camp meals

7. Powders such as flour, sugar, and dehydrated eggs

8. Taber and Sarah help Amanda with the food pull. The food is then stacked, organized, and packed in wooden crates. When empty, the crates will be used as sample boxes for the rocks that are collected in the field.

9. Taber and Karina move boxes to be weighed and stored until needed for the helicopter loading

10. Our supply boxes resemble those we saw in the Scott Discovery Hut

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